Why is Baby D.Va Called Baby?

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Because babies are little.
02/16/2018 11:54 PMPosted by DigitalDruid
Although, if I want to get my team's attention on focusing her, I'll often call her "naked D.Va." The word "naked" both gets attention and increases adrenaline slightly, so there's that.

Naked Dva? Yeah that seems like it would be distracting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Best one I've herad yet was "Petite Dva"

Still baby dva rolls off the mouth easier, but damn I just wanna say petite Dva from now on.
Well you see, when a mommy mech dies it spits out a young baby. THe baby doesn't havve a shell yet, and it's soft flesh is an easy target for predators such as rats and apes. It must run and hide until it grows its own shell, where it becomes the hunter.
Around the time I bought Overwatch, I heard people called her Baby D.Va or Mini D.Va. Seems like the first one won.

But it's accurate and you know what's going on.
It's almost as mysterious as why is Kid Buu called Kid Buu, when it's actually an Original Buu.
I call her larvae.
It's actually homeless dva
02/16/2018 11:51 PMPosted by Meleenium
I mean she's not actually a baby, so I just always found that name funny. Why not just call her Mechless D.Va or something else?
Because her mech is a womb clearly the answer

Real answer is the size switch
02/17/2018 12:58 AMPosted by Detonation
It's almost as mysterious as why is Kid Buu called Kid Buu, when it's actually an Original Buu.
But he's actually a kid.
Because when you punch her mech a lot and it boots her, it's like the birth of a newborn baby:

She comes out small, confused, and kicking && screaming.
Its just easier + in comparison of size to her mech she is a baby almost and well everyone else.

That said its not like we call her in her mech "big mamma dva" or something like that ha so yeah idk I guess its just something that stuck.
I'm used to call baby DVA as "Mini DVA" lolol
I dont know... I sometimes call her "baby" d.va....

But most of the time, for whatever reason, I'll call out "D.VA is on foot!" whenever we de-mech her.
Why is Winston called monkey when he's a gorilla?
I've always referred to her as "Nomech Dva"

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