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Hi I’m 14 and I’m sitting at around 2300 sr. Lately I’ve been playing tons of comp and I really want to hit plat and maybe even climb to diamond. On my own I have pretty good mechanical aim. However I lack the knowledge of what’s happening around me and I don’t contribute to team chat if I know something is going to happen or happening. Right now I have a trash mic although I plan on upgrading it. Is it worth going in to team chat even with my slightly high pitched voice and a rubbish mic?
ask yer dad to get you a hyperx headset from amazon, like 50 bucks. not expensive at all. no big deal.
im 12 and what is this

Yes, it would be worth it for you to be able to communicate with your team.
02/19/2018 01:12 PMPosted by JHumphreys
Is it worth going in to team chat even with my slightly high pitched voice and a rubbish mic?

I don't know how trash your mic is, but it is better to have clear communication.

I'm mid gold and more often than not I find voice comms aren't worthwhile. In most matches where my team is losing someone gets toxic and some of the negativity starts to affect me. Sometimes you get people trying to be a leader when they have no game sense and more often than not, when the comms are really positive and working well you are winning anyway.

Anyway that isn't to say it isn't worth contributing, but I think it is better initially to leave your mic off and listen to comms and only step in when you absolutely think it is necessary. Just get ready for the angry man-children.
Yes. Good age for you to figure out that you don't need to give two !@#$s about what you sound like to other people, especially online. Man up and speak.
Yes get mic, people hate squeaker because they squeal in their pics and make other annoying sounds, but if you act like you are trying to win people for the most part won't give a damn.

Suggest you test it with your friends. Ask if they could comprehend you or not. If so, go ahead. And ignore trolls who poke fun at your voice.

I have played with kids and they are great team mates, very co-operative and friendly. Except for one very annoying and rude kid.
i was chat banned for 2 days before and it was so bad not being able to call out anything. im also 14 and no one has made fun of my voice and when they say something stupid about me being a teen like ie:"shouldnt you be in school?" "should you be in bed by now?" i just say they are in adult playing a video game at a low rank and high level and they usually shutup. this is my alt but i wouldnt not have climbed at all without guiding people(acc used to be silver)

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