How was your season 8?

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There’s been a difference since season 6, which was the season you got placed more accurately. So instead of being placed in plat like I was in seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5, I’ve been placed in masters ever since. I’ve climbed to GM every season since then, and hit top 500 twice, all solo queue. Also, because of the season 6 changes, I’ve been called a boosted e-girl ever since. Not sure it was worth it.

Season 9, I think I’ll wait until the season is almost over to do my placements. I want to avoid the toxicity as much as I can.
Good & bad. Rose to a career high of 2400, then dropped to under 2200.
Same thing every season. I am not expecting anything to change with the current system. It is one huge season that never ends: a game of trading wins.
I managed to get 60% winrate this time but my rank is pretty much the usual.

Maybe I should start exploiting the system and just do placement matches the last moment like everyone else.
Good. Climbed more than 1000 sr, from 2100 to 3200, escaping the hell of performance based SR and now the games are more fun, fair and balanced
It's just the same game that I've said I'd quit time and time over again. At this point, I am completely unable to draw enjoyment from the game and every recent play session is regretted. Still can't bring myself to uninstall though, because of how fun the game was when I started out.
Played seriously until I hit Masters. Now I just play 4 matches on the weekend to avoid decay.
Had worse placements than last season and placed 300SR higher (I'll never understand this).

Thought I'd try to climb this time, I was so close to the next rank and since I really only played comp for the golden gun points and I could use the extra reward points, but I kept losing every game after placements and gave up shortly after. I get it competitive should be rewarded only if you win but it gets so boring when you're obviously put in a losing streak.

Last season I actually had really good comp games, some were so balanced and close they were the best games I've ever had but this season it was just defeat after defeat.

Good news is I'll finally get my golden gun thanks to competitive CTF and I can leave regular comp behind, though I might just continue doing placements to rack up those points as usual.
Started out at 2700, fell to around 2100, now am back around 2600.

So pretty much a ton of stress and raging for about a net loss of 100 SR, which in the grand scheme of things is absolutely nothing.
I've been reporting people here and there, got many messages that they got punished. Feels good.

Mostly torb/pharah/sym 1-tricks, I get my team to report them too so they get banned.
I got placed low masters, then throwers got me to diamond.
I don't play much comp, and I'm kind of convinced I shouldn't.
02/19/2018 02:19 PMPosted by iFlameDragon
i played 1 game after placements

Exactly This.
made to diamond this season! im glad
Felt like QP... Got boring real quick
I went from 1501 at the end of last season to 2024 at the end of this season. Quitting while I'm ahead.
Placed in like 2200, played an entire session tilted and ended up in legit 1500s. Quit for awhile, grinded all the way back to 2400. Quit for this season because it's too risky to play at this point.

Probably my least played season. I'm putting less and less time on comp with each passing season.
I think I did about as well as I usually do, played a little more than I usually do. Did a little dent towards my first golden gun which I wanted by the end of the season though getting the 100+ wins I needed wasn't likely. Hoping with the little bit of extra points for ctf I'll be a little more likely to get it season 9
I won a game, and it felt nice!
I reached Diamond, and i'm already regretting my decision.
If I can reach plat by the end of the week I might get a gold gun before season 9
Did you got banned?
quit so many games i got banned ! only took around 10 games too!

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