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So where's the balance at all in that mode? 4400 in comp but only 3650 there and nothing to see there because you depend more on your "trash" team than in comp. you can play like hercules but still dont get your !@#$ together. this is a mode i would call unbalanced as hell. and shouldn't ever return after that event.
I think the opposition should not be allowed to score unless their team's flag is securely position at their base.
This. In comp if I kill 3 people we're basically guaranteed to get part of the objective.

In CtF I kill 3 people and then a Roadhog + Moira + Lucio grab our flag and run me over while I'm trying to take theirs back.
Symmetra and torb take any fun out of this game mode. So boring playing against that every game. Stop babaysitting our flag and play the game. So frustrating!!

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