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I know I am Bronze but I climbed 300 sr in the past few days because I follow some of these, not all the time, but sometimes.

1. Instalocking is ok. People are about to get triggered and hold your horses. Instalocking is ok, if your good. I have seen widows do amazing shots and against the teams wishes. Here's the thing: if your gonna instalock assure your team that you will switch if it does not work well. There is nothing more annoying than a 8 year old Genji who will not switch. If your instalocking, do your job.

2. Be nice. This sounds like a no-brainer, but people can be toxic. You have no idea what a nice mood can do. Just saying "We can do this, nice ultimate!" can boost the mood.

3. Do not tilt. Absolute no-no. I remember watching a CCP Grey video about "Mind Germs" and that is exactly how it works in OW. You get tilted from say a losing streak. You get on angry from the start and in a sense, you are sneezing your angry mind germs into the ears of your teammates only to spread the infection of Tilting. If your tilted, get a glass of water and sit on a couch for 10 minutes. It helps a lot.

4. Mic mic mic! There is nothing more annoying than a Sombra who doesn't have a Mic. It is annoying as heck to see people with enough money to do get 100 loot boxes, but can't order a 15 dollar mic of Amazon. I don't care if you sound like a horse if a Tracer is after my Mercy.

This is the good stuff.
B U M P . E X E
honestly, as a main tank player, there's nothing more frustrating than hearing a healer complain because I'm not protecting him from a Sombra/Tracer when he's never calling anything on the mic.

99% of the games I've won this season alone had people either listening to my calls or communicating overall. I wish more people would break that barrier and talk more.
Stops working in gold. Half of the team is not in VC, people don't switch.
a) instalock what you like b) /hidechat c) leave voice d) enjoy the game

Went from 1300 to 2500 last seasons and from 800 to 2000 so far in this seasons. Be as nice as you want, try to talk as much as you want to your team, pick what you think really is needed and in the end your mates will give a damn.

Every time i did try to fill or be a flex player i ended up as a healer (see Ana playtime) so i decided to do a-d) and i hit plat mutliple times :)

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