Would Mercy mains be happy if

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I play a lot of Mercy, because I enjoy her as a character even after the nerf.

What would make me happy if they would either replace E with another ability that is like some angelic cleanse or something

Put Rez on a resource meter, thatch only be earn via healing.

Remove the speed reduction during valkyrie from GA.

If she goes in for the Rez, but want to cancel there should be a way to cancel the animation without going on cool down.
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Keep looking at this level 20 alt account I played for 8 hours and using that to judge me as a player. Go on.

Why are you using an alt account to post on the forums anyways? Seems devious and deceitful to me...
A lot of people seem to forget that no Mercy main asked for the rework. Mercy mains have basically been put through the ringer for the last 7 months with all their feedback being practically ignored. It leaves a very salty taste in their mouth.

The big issue with the current Mercy is she is boring and requires no skill beyond GA to avoid being killed. Where old Mercy required a lot of skill and situational awareness on both teams in detail to be very effective. Overwatch plays more like a MOBA than an FPS. Just because a character doesn't aim doesn't mean they require not skill. The skill Mercy did have in her kit was basically nerfed away.
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LOL wut? Give her an ultimate that's identically as bad as her current E but charges more slowly? What on earth would the point of that be?

They claim Valkyrie is boring and they want a way to earn rez.

Ok then why don’t we make all damage ult kill only one person? Gotta earn that kill.

Edit:oh and don’t forget to add a >1sec cast time and slow.
Basically everyone’s ult would be similar to mecree’s but only get one kill

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