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I finally decided to try out competitive CTF today and I had a blast.. but I'm pretty confused as to the mechanics for OT. I'll dive into how 2 of my games played out today.

Game #1 - We were all tied up 1-1, with less than 1 min left. The enemy team grabbed our flag as they made a hard push. Me, playing as Lucio, saw this as an opportunity to grab an undefended flag. I race to their end, grab it and start heading back to cap. Time runs out and the OT counter starts. Meanwhile, my team has caught up to the enemy flag carrier and killed them and our flag drops. I am 2 strides away from capping and my team returns our flag. OT abruptly ends and sudden death starts. I was inches away from capping and winning the game. We end up losing in sudden death.

Game #2 - My team is down 1-0. Again, I'm Lucio. The enemy team grabs our flag and the timer runs out. However, OT starts. In a desperation attempt I run to the enemy team's side and grab their flag. Meanwhile my team is battling to return our flag. I manage to cap their flag to make it 1-1. Our flag is still up for grabs. I run AGAIN to the other side and get their flag again. I cap the flag again to make it 2-1 and then they cap to make it 2-2. OT ends and we go to sudden death. End up losing again in sudden death.

Game #1 - In OT, had the enemy team's flag inches from capping and OT ended when my team returned our flag.
Game #2 - In OT, losing 1-0 and the enemy team grabbed our flag. Should OT even have started in this scenario? My team was down and we didn't have their flag.

On a side note, just wanted to say kudos to Jeff and the OW team - you guys are doing a stellar job and OW is a fantastic game.
I'm also curious as to how overtime works. I know there is at least one major flaw though: the winning team making a play on the flag triggers overtime. I had a game up 2-1, and someone on our team grabbed their flag right before time elapsed (our flag was safe). The game continued until he died. Why should the winning team possibly scoring more points prolong a game? I mean it technically gave the other team a chance, but I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of the intent of overtime.
sudden death in ctf, especially in comp ctf is amazeballs

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