What’s would your main’s dessert be?

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I think sombra would like churros (obviously).

Post what you think your main would like to eat as a dessert below :3
firestick icecream
Are Omnics able to eat?
Barbecue of course!

Or the salt and tears of the enemy team.
Snow cone
Roadhog would eat a tub of lard.
Genji tears
Reinhardt would be that pork thing he mentions in his comic. I forgot the name. Going to google it now.
Edit: Currywurst
No wait, that isn't a dessert, I f*cked up. I really shouldn't post while sleepy...
Forgot to mention mei would probably eat frozen yogurt
Blueberry Lemon cake is perfect for Zen / Moira <3
Uhhmmm....Swiss Chocolates

Doomfist: Chocolate lava cakes
Genji: I got you some chocolates, Genji. Swiss, they're the best.
McCree: Steak and whisky with a nice cigar
Pharah: Basbousa
Reaper: PIE PIE PIE!!!
Soldier 76: Burgers
Sombra: Churros
Tracer: Black Pudding
Bastion: Mercury 92-858064K01 Marine SAE 90 Machine oil
Hanzo: Tiramisu
Junkrat: Fresh BBQ
Mei: Popsicles
Torbjorn: Saffron Buns
Widowmaker: Yule Log
D.va: Doritos and Mountain Dew
Orisa: Ice cream (Because of the spray in-game)
Reinhardt: Black Forest gateau
Roadhog: More BBQ than Junkrat
Winston: Peanut butter covered bananas
Zarya: Tula Pryanik
Ana: Tea
Lucio: Lucio-OHS
Mercy: Angela, I have some chocolates for you... not Swiss.
Moria: Coffee cake
Symmetra: Gulab Jamun
Zenyatta: Oil 10048 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic
those usa colored popsicle sticks
Widowmaker would have those super tiny danishes only found in Paris;)

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