My skills have been recognized by a Genji main :3

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On defence Hanamura.
1- Kiwi (me!!!) as Symmetra
2- Gengu
3- Zarya
4- Lucio
5- Mercy

Gengu: we do not need a Symmetra, she is a bad dps!

Kiwi But master gengu trust in me! I'll be your support!

Gengu: No! you have taken a spot playing a useless hero! we are not 2-2-2 nor 3-2-1 we are..2-1-2

Broken hearted Symm is determined to prove Shimada senpai wrong!

Kiwi uses his aiming skills to his best (good thing Kiwi is on Symm)


POTG Kiwi microwaving three people.

Kiwi: Master Gengu did I make you proud?

Gengu: Yes, You did great Symmetra, first time I see a good Symmetra.

Kiwi sheds a tear of happiness
POTG Kiwi microwaving three people

I laughed at this one :)
02/19/2018 12:02 PMPosted by Kiwi
Broken hearted Symm is determined to prove Shimada senpai wrong!

i totally lost it here lmao
I'm actually ok with a symmetra on defense. But only if she swaps when we get destroyed after first fight. Because she needs that first fight to be successful in order to become useful. Fail that, and it's hopeless to continue. If they don't swap, that's just insisting on failing.
I mean why do you even care about what a genji player says? who cares? dont act like they are the hot shots lol.. :D
*slow clap*
Idk if it was just me (it probably is in this case), but I actually imagined a literal little kiwi birb with Sym's visor and little gun, microwaving people X)

Awesome work! ^^

I assume you found his response at the end very kawai.

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