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And we’re getting a new one soon. I always appreciate a little change but let’s take a moment to remember some things. List your favorite moments that you have encountered all while scrolling through the forums.

Mine would be:
  • The Zen Café and the friends I’ve made from it
  • RichC and his tank main thread
  • All of the positive posts that people make
  • SunDragon’s Hero Idea and seeing how much time they put into it
  • So many more things
  • Now, what are your moments?
    Mine was when everyone was witch hunting Drinkpepsi, or when spammed the forums with schoolgirl posts.
    Ahh, the good times...
    All of RichC's posts.
    Mine would have to be the café or the pub (former because it was the first, latter because of how RichC acted in it). Every hero concept I have seen. RichC's tank assemble and Honor system threads. This one time a guy asked if Krusher99 was the forums Jesus (got 404'ed sadly, it was funny). Every positive and helpful post by JellyandJam and Sunsethippo. As well as others. Man, I'm going to miss this place.
    the true krusher99
    matthouse70 too
    Sounds to me like they are bringing the automated report system to the forums.. what could possibly go wrong.

    Lets hope i am for one.
    The International Church of Hanzo was great.
    Wait does.this mean banned people.can join forums again
    How odd, what's with all the downvotes?

    Anways, I suppose... My favorite moments would have to be with the Zen Cafe, a place just oozing with variety. And the occasional RichC visit.

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