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comment on this thread.
If you own 2 pets, comment and say your favorite food.
3 pets, comment, favorite food, and last ultimate in Overwatch used
4 or more pets just say the pets’ names.

My pets names are as follows (5)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (cat)
Araya (cat)
Disney World (cat)
Smudge in my clothing (antisocial cat)
Cairo, Egypt AKA Temple of Anubis. (dog. She’s literally the color of sand.)
I own two birds, and my favorite food is a good ol' Stromboli.
4 cats lol.
But they got weird names...
Blu, Pants, Fatty and Tiny.
3 pets, I like burgers, and I used... Transcendence last. I think.

02/20/2018 07:41 AMPosted by CowsGoMoo
I own two birds, and my favorite food is a good ol' Stromboli.

what kind of birds? 0:
I have one doggo. Well technically it's my brother's dog, but I live with my brother and I treat him as though he were my dog. His name is Bubba (he's a black pitbull). He is a good boy.
Three cats. My favorite food is spaghetti. Last ultimate used in game was soundbarrier.
*raises hand* Does mayonnaise count as a pet?
3 dogs, 1 sugar glider.


Yoda the sugar glider
4 Cats

And 2 Dogs
2 dogs. Favorite food is shawarma.
3 pets (2 doggos and a cat).
My favorite food is probably pizza.
Last ultimate used was Coalescence.
I have 2 cats, 4 fish, and 2 chickens. My cats are named Spot and Mcgonnagal (Like a generic name and from Harry Potter) The fish are named Jeffery and the fish (we haven’t had them for very long) and the chickens are named fern and aster (they came like that).
I have a shar pei and 2 fantail goldfish. My favorite food is carnitas. The last ult I used was Coalescence in a painfully long 1v1.
I don't own pets, they are part of my family.
My chicken, I choke it every day.
Used to have 2 dogs, one died last Christmas. The one that's alive is Prince, and my favorite food is some good ol' pus--I mean Macaroni and Cheese.
Two pedigree cats here. In the middle of selling off their four kittens.
2 cats and bbq ribs are my favorite

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