NVIDIA GTX 1060 Low fps

Technical Support
Hi, I am still having a problem with my graphic card and i still don't know why it happen.
I've tried to take old nvidia driver, change 3D settings of nvidia put everything on low in overwatch settings, Vsync is of and I can have +200 fps when i launch a game with nobody on the map and when they all appear i get 90 - 100 fps so in a grav or a zen ult it drops very fast.

I have :
Gtx 1060 6go
8go ram
Amd FX-6300 ( Overclock )

Does someone know a way to fix it ? I have it until a lot of time now and was working pretty well with my old graphic card ( Radeon R9 380 ) Was around 100 - 80 fps constant.

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