Moira is overpowered and it's time to fix it.

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Her orbs do way too much damage. She shouldn't be a dps character when she is meant to be a support. It's time to fix it.
is it really the time? its 8:36 pm for me
She's fine. She isn't overpowered. Overpowered is when you run one hero all the time, regardless of comp. Mercy when valkarie was released was OP. Moira doesn't really work well with Dive comps, but is perfect for Deathball comps. Her damage is fine as well, 50 DPS isn't all that much.
no point in posting anti moira post. everyone here is a gold moira main transitioned from diamond mercy main.
Moira has too much range and her orbs do slightly too much damage, I'd like to see tweaks to her, not kill her like they did Mercy.

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