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I see a lot of threads talking about bad experiences. Let's talk about the most memorable games we've had instead.
My first placement game of S8 looked like it was going to be a loss, we took point A in overtime and point B had a 5 minute OT that ended with us barely capping it (this was round 1). Our Point A defense held until OT and then they capped. For point B someone went Torb. The Game ended disappointingly when the Winston just missed landing on the point and didn't start overtime. otherwise both teams had 6 ults.
season 1 games with like 10 minute overtimers going on and over 100 kills
s3 sometime before the game got as bad as it is
Had a few classics.

6-4 on Hollywood. 42k damage blocked with Orisa.

Lijang 99to100, 100to99, 100to99. 12.4k healing, 12 sound barriers, 20 elims.

Kings Row. All 6 of team on comms. Team comp was Rein, Orisa, Zen, Mercy, Widow and Hanzo. Our Hanzo was really good (flexed Junk and Pharah as well) with 53% kp. Nice game with good coordination and resets after team wipes, etc.
Went 55-3 as Genji on Hollywood
We did not win that game. Both our teams were good , but that game made me really happy , because its one of those "haha" games. where you finally get the full understanding of the hero you play. I hit all of my charges, did 3 4 men shatters, got 3 double kills from firestrikes and one normal kill. My shield never broke, I think I shielded something like 20k I dont remember. I had gold elims, 4 min objective time and gold hero damage. Best game. We tried so hard, and even though we lost, I can never be upset knowing that for once, we lost because the ennemy team was actually better than we were, not because of some throwing/leaving/smurfing bull!@#$. I still my play of the game from that game, it's me nanoboosted by an ana, getting an unnofficial quintuple kill
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I see a lot of threads talking about bad experiences. Let's talk about the most memorable games we've had instead.

4v6, 2 leavers right at the start - We all played our arses off rather than just giving up.
It was the hardest game I have ever played. We won.

I will NEVER forget that game.
my first game ever on my main. season 3, qp dva main. i instalock dva and feed literally everyfight on lijang tower for 5 straight rounds. plat mmr, team has no coms and triple tank(season 3 meta). i swap to winston once every 5 deaths to see if i can be like miro(first pro i ever watched). i had maybe 30 deaths and 20 assists. i won, and i realized i was !@#$e at the game. placed siver, dropped to bronze, climbed to diamond
My favorite games are the ones that feel like I was supposed to lose, but managed to pull it out anyway with clever coordination.
game with out troll

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