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Doomfist's passive has to be one of my least favourite parts of his kit. The passive is extremely good in absorbing damage but it's only effective for about half a second before it gets eaten through. Due to his passive requiring a hit to get barriers it means that he generally gets damaged before the hit goes through and when it does since hes already lost health it means his health is about the same as before. Even when he charges all his barrierss up they are either eaten away or the enemy team takes forever to respawn and they decay. I understand the decay otherwise he would be a tank launching across the map with 400 hp.

New idea still called "the best defense" When using an ability give Doomfist a personal shield that like Zarya's will charge when damaged. However instead of damage, the barriers would give shields. The shield are only active while using abilities and will end after the ability. Like Zarya's they have a limit to damage. That being 50 barriers worth.
I thought this would be a good idea because it means that DF no longer acts as a hit and run rollout offense and instead acts more like a brawler. The shields would let him stay in the fight for longer while charging abilities and not worrying about being damaged. This gives him some much needed damage mitigation while also keeping it fair. If doomfist has a lot of barriers its the teams fault for shooting him. The barriers would still decay at the same rate. This means that Df finally has some way to take all the damage and not die instantly.
This works well because of all the animation locks that he is put into when attacking won't affect him nearly as much.
Uppercut Would have the personal shield when at the very top of his punch.
Seismic slam Would have the personal shield while moving through the air and lose it when he hits the ground.
Rocket punch Would have the personal shield While charging and while going forward for half the duration of the punch. eg. 10m on the full charge 20m punch.
Meteor strike Would have the personal shield for 5 seconds at the end of the strike and have up to 125 barriers chargeable. This would allow him to go for groups and not worry about being destroyed when he lands and instead lets him continue to fight from the extra health.

The barriers would look like a blue glow over him making them slightly harder to see than zaryas as they are easier to predict since they can only be activated on abilities.

The personal shield does not stop cc

Tl;Dr A personal shield that activates upon abilities and when shot charges up to 50 barriers.

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