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I have OW on both Console and PC, but I usually play on XB1. I've played there since season 2 (though several seasons have under 10 hours) as that's pretty much what I play all my games on besides mmo's and such. currently I stay about mid plat with a bit of time in high plat. As you know though, the differences between the two are pretty huge, from the settings to the aim, to even basic movement and abilities. (even after playing mmo's with all the keybinds, it still doesn't feel natural).

On that end though, I do have a gaming mouse with plenty of buttons for keybinds, and just today I went out and picked up a gaming mousepad as the general consensus is you apparently want to be making large sweeping movements to aim, which are not possible with my regular mousepad (RIP wristpad) this is my current "setup"

As for the settings I currently have a couple different mouse settings (it can change settings by pressing a button, it changes the color of the side buttons to let you know which it is on). it seems to only be able to change 50 at a time, so I had red set at 1050 dpi and white is 800 dpi. My ingame sensitivity is set at 12 atm. probably terrible but like I said, it's a lot more tweaking than you have to do on console where you just adjust aim smoothing and aim ease in till your stick moves the correct speed. I'm also thinking about just putting each characters abilities on the mouse buttons so I don't have to bother with the keyboard binds.

I'm level 16 on computer so I haven't done any comp yet obviously. I'm a flex player, which basically means I get shoved into heals or if I'm lucky, tank, but I can play all 3 (at least on console) so playing some dps as well would be nice. so to end, if anyone is willing to help out, that would be great.
far too high. there are very rare times youd want it set that high, for purposes of spinning around in a VERY fast 180 or something, i dunno.

try 800/5 or 960/4, right around there.. conversely, some pros use stuff along the lines of 7-8 sensitivity and 400 dpi. pretty equivalent.

i just think having things geared toward a higher physical dpi is better, as thats actual physical tracking of space/distance rather than the reverse, where youre using low dpi and some kind of software based multiplication of that distance.

that explanation sounds all dumb but hopefully you get what i mean. bottom line tho, the dpi * your sens = generally comes out to around 3000 for most of the pros. this is across all hero types. get used to moving your mouse around all over the place, you really wanna use that desk space real estate.

buttons on the side, bad idea. hard to be slick with them while also moving mouse, especially to a very fine degree when aiming with any sniper hero. thats more of an MMO mouse ya got there..

unit lost (on youtube) has a great vid on mouse settings.
ya I know my sense is too high, but I also don't know how to do these wrist breaking movements to aim or turn around fast enough when someones behind you with really low dpi/sense.

I'm looking for people to play with to help learn all the little nuances and differences between the the two systems, if anyone is up for that
turn mouse accelerarion off and use around 4000edpi(dpi times sensesitivty) and have haming mouse and large mouse pad. make sure to have 60fps and god deskroom. went from bronze to diamond on main following these steps(along with 500 hours of dedication)
in ref to mouse accel, ow doesnt care about that it uses raw mouse input and sens in game. for mouse settings what i can recommend is using edpi of 3600-5000
im at 3600 with dpi of 1600 and sens of 2.25.

best way to get used to aiming is grinding out the training range and i mean GRINDING the training range. like spend hours using aim heavy heros, zen ana McCree Widow tracer soldier/zarya (for default tracking).

i find having melee bound to my mouse really helpful for me, if you changed something on controller you might be able to change it a bit to help for settings on pc. like if you moved lucio jump to right trigger, putting jump on right mb might be helpful not to cross too many wires.

also i highly suggest not going into comp after just 25 levels set the bar at like 50 or around there, really spend time getting as comfortable as possible with the new setup and movements.

best of luck with your pc experience!

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