Just played Reaper against triple tank

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02/17/2018 06:29 PMPosted by SǾMBRUH
and wouldn't you know?

He didn't work!

Their comp was: D.va, Winston, Zarya, Junkrat, Lucio, and Moira

Wow It's almost as if Reaper is just a bad hero


Edit: I have over 200 hours on my main account, and this match was on my main.

Sounds like you tried to 1v6 them. Were your teammates focusing on the tank you were working on? Why didn't you try to kill the primary healer instead? Zarya and Dva are not good matchups for Reaper.

02/17/2018 09:51 PMPosted by necrosis
Reaper has not been a solid tank buster since season 1.

Hog- With his drinking buff (-%50 damage IIRC) if thats up its a waste of time to charge him at almost any HP. If he starts drinking usually better to nope out and find another target.
Rein- Shield.
D.Va- Face full of rockets now or she nope out.
Zara- That shield can delay things long enough you usually have to nope out or get killed.

Reaper ult- I find myself sitting on it for so long trying to find an opening where Rein or D.Va don't shut it down. Or someone just dosent light me up while its going off.

EDIT: Frogot...

Winston- He can melt that monkey still as long as he dosent ult in your face.
Hey ever heard of debuff characters yeah every single character you listed counter by them.
you dont play reaper into quad tanks you play dive.....
you dive the !@#$ out of lucio or moira then just brawl it out with the tanks and get health pack as needed from better mobility and high ground.

you only reaper when you have a flank hogger and noone in your team is punishing him and he keeps getting kills

quad tank rolls over pirateship, orisa hog spam and any slow no mobility comps

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