How about trying 'forced' 2-2-2 as a new Arcade mode?

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Just to see how the game plays when players are bound to a 'conventional' team comp, and if they have better matches as result?

With a role queue like we already had for the yeti hunt mode, so that 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 flex are queued at all time.

Only flex could switch to other roles, while healers and tank could only switch to heroes of their role.

That would have a some negative aspect for sure, but as a way to experiment I think and arcade mode is fine, and maybe the trade of would be overall positive.

I mean, if people are ok with mistery heroes for the RNG fun, others (like me, tha don't like random team comps at all) may appreciate a forced team comp.
Love this idea
That can be problematic in this game where roles are just labels for convenience. Do you have Sombra take a DPS slot? Or have Symmetra take a support slot? What you see as a 2-2-2 is likely to be 4-1-1 in practice. Personally, when we have one Roadhog and one Reinhardt, i consider Rein to be solo tanking. I don't think i have to iterate what you actually have when you have symmetra on the second support slot.
2/2/2 slaves are worse than meta slaves.
02/18/2018 06:57 AMPosted by Mirs
2/2/2 slaves are worse than meta slaves.

But isn't 2-2-2 the meta?
Role queue is a more suitable thread title.
I would love this because I love flexing but when I have 4 dps and one off-tank, what am I supposed to do? I'm definitely not going to enjoy playing solo healer with that team comp so this would be a flexer's dream mode.
02/18/2018 06:59 AMPosted by Kawagima
But isn't 2-2-2 the meta?

2 DPS, 2 Healers, 2 Tanks is optimal, but that's not 2-2-2.

In one game i had, our comp was
Reinhard,, Soldier76, Sombra, Zenyatta (Me), Mercy

Role wise, that's a 2-2-2. But in practice, that's 2-2-4. We had four healers. And the enemy was complaining about how their DPS wasn't killing anyone. Even with both Zenyatta and Mercy dead, the fight on the point kept going just because the two DPSes doubled as healers.

You can say you have a quad tank, but is that a 0-4-2? If one of those tanks is a roadhog, you have a 1-4-2, if you also have a, that's a 2-4-2. The heroes in thsi game tend to overlap multiple roles and is why they can be so flexible.

6 DPS. But you have Mei substituting for the tank. Soldier, Sombra and Torb, filling in as healers, it can still work if you're well coordinated.

PS: Tell me, when you look at your score screen and see Hanzo and Widowmaker, do you think of your team as 2-2-2? Or 0-2-2?
02/18/2018 07:01 AMPosted by HANA
Role queue is a more suitable thread title.

Guys, seriously, you have to get ONE easy thing:

IF you have role queue, then, without a 'meta' enforced by the game, HOW is the game supposed to do the matchmaking?

If there is NO team comp guideline, what should the game care about 6 tanks queueing at the same time?

No 2-2-2 enforced? Nice! Let's match this 6 tanks together and enjoy the clown fiesta!

Role queue alone DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

The moment the game chooses to match different roles together, A TEAM COMP IS ENFORCED.
02/18/2018 07:23 AMPosted by ŦheScav
I would love this because I love flexing but when I have 4 dps and one off-tank, what am I supposed to do? I'm definitely not going to enjoy playing solo healer with that team comp so this would be a flexer's dream mode.

I have to kindly ask you to read my opening post again:

2-2-2 enforced
role select

That entails:
1) if you love flex, queue as a flex and you would never be required to play solo healer
2) 2-2-2 is enforced, you would NEVER be matched with other 4 dps
3) 2-2-2 is enforced, even if you queue as healer, you would NEVER be the SOLO healer
sounds like a weekly brawl
damn i miss weekly brawls
I just want to test it. That's it.
I think arcade would be a great testing ground for this!
This would be great
Arcade... sure. But forced onto quick play and competitive? No. This game gets further abd further away from the original design. Part of the reason why i think balance sucks in the game(at least 60% of the time)
As long as its kept exclusively in arcade and never touches quick play or comp.

The worst thing you could ever do with this game is literally force a meta. Bleh. No thank you.

Forcing role select is just completely obliterating the freedom of forming unique team compositions
Hell, make it a comp mode. Anything to end the hell.
2-2-2 would be dive-only, because it's the best strat in the format. Since you can't use the 3-4 tanks comps to counter dive.
Or maybe 1-1-2-2 ? (1 being 1 offense hero , and the other being a defense hero) , characters like mei and torb would see a lot more play then since you're practically forced to pick from the defense catagory.

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