The Best Parts Of Maining REAPER

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Yes I main reaper on my main account

I've made an awful lot of posts recently looking at the downsides of Reaper and requesting buffs for my favorite edgelord. But not everything about maining him is bad.

1- Spawn Ults On multiple KOTH maps I get to mess with my teammates by using the Ult glitch in spawn that only Reaper can do

2- Shrug because this is the best emote in the game

3- Future Proofing I say this because there is no way Reaper will ever get a nerf within the next foreseeable future.

4- Lore Reaper is in the center of the Overwatch lore. He's been in multiple cinematics, comics, and the center of the lore's biggest mystery: Watchpoint Switerland

5- Skins There has literally never been an event skin (or even item) Reaper has that isn't good. All his items (except Desert) are amazing
bad thing = isn't actually a soul "reaper" anymore
Ult glitch?
What's the spawn ult glitch ?
02/19/2018 11:54 AMPosted by JSConnor
Ult glitch?

02/19/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Witch
What's the spawn ult glitch ?

Pressing W+Q+CTRL+SHIFT in the seam of the left pilot window on the dropship lets reaper ult in spawn (but only before the match starts)

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