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First things first, I'm suggestion this because we know Mercy is gonna keep getting nerfed and I'm trying to throw a potentially positive fix.

So the main issue with Mercy causing all the nerfs is her Resurrection. When it was her ultimate people were sitting around hiding instead of playing. Now with it being changed to a single resurrection, it feels broken because working to take down someone to have them instantly revived can be disheartening. So my idea is to think about it in a more RPG kind of way, like Final Fantasy per say. Change her resurrection to something more along the lines of "Reraise/Auto-Life". Pretty much making it to where it would grand an instant-revive status to a player, when the players HP hits 0 either fully restore the HP instantly or give it a regular respawn time but you respawn in the same spot. The ability could be set to where you can only have 1 Reraise set on a person at a time.

An alternate suggestion for keeping Resurrection how it is now would be to make it only charge by dealing damage, sort of how the ultimates work. It would force her to be more active not just with healing but as a fighter as well. This is for most an undesirable outcome as most people do not enjoy playing as a battle Mercy. This would also limit the amount of resurrections tho.
she isn't going to be nerfed. Jeff said they felt she was in a good place now when he made the comment that they wouldn't revert her.
Mercys time is over. She is dead. Get over it.
02/19/2018 06:25 PMPosted by Funktastic
she isn't going to be nerfed.

The way she's been treated, I find this extremely hard to believe.
They’re not going to rework her, but a couple of ideas could easily be implemented to make her a bit better.
Make her multi-target heal a non-ult thing. Now, don’t cut me off here, I have a bit more to say. It would be a alot shorter range, and the sub-targets wouldn’t benefit as greatly as from the Valkyrie form, but it would make it easier for her to reliably heal her team, like Lucio and Moira can.
Give her some damage resistance while ressurecting. Not as insane as roadhogs, but it would at least make it a little bit easier for her to ressurect, but nothing over the top.

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