How to make Defense category better 101

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Make them do more damage/evasion.

Junkrat: Given 2 charges for his conc mines, both to do essentially more damage with, or more escape options.

Hanzo (ptr): Currently getting a leap in any direction for evasion, and a faster fire arrow for 6 seconds effectively giving him more dps, especially if he goes full auto.

All that's left is to see what happens to Torb, my assumption is he's going to get more dps, and my silly bet is that he gets hisbeta hook back, but instead it gets turned into widows hook and then we'll see flying torbjorns in the sky.

Don't get me wrong, this is a mock thread due to how the defense category is being handled, but I'm also currently for the Hanzo changes just because i honestly hate scatter arrow, though at the same time I wonder why Hanzo is even in the defense section if he has absolutally no defensive options anymore considering that sonic arrow was his one thing "defensive" about him to see where an attacking team is coming from.

Dive is still going to exist simply because nothing is really countering it, D.Va eats everything and Winstons shield combined with his ability to leap on top of enemies basically sets it into stone, I sometimes wonder why Torb doesn't just get his beta hook trap thing back, the thing that we see catches Rein as he charges forward and drags him as close to the trap as possible, why doesn't that exist now to counter dive? giving him like 2 charges of that would effectively create a reasonable soft counter to preventing being free dived in by Winston, Genji,, and possibly even Tracer.
Give Torb a wallclimb you cowards

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