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Hi, my friend and I would like to duo queue, however, she is nervous because in season 3 or something she ranked quite low and she doesn’t want to play ranked if the game is going to use her old seasons SR with her new placements. So basically, my question is, does Overwatch factor in just the prior season say season 7 for season 8’s placements? Or will it take her season 3 rank as a baseline instead?
I expect that it will user her season 3 rank as a baseline, but her gain/loss per game will be huge during her placements because the system is no longer confident in her rating. If she wins most/all of them (without being carried), I'd expect her to rank much higher than before.

Of course, if she hasn't played competitive since season 3, it may be very difficult to win most/all of them.
If she hasent played comp since, it'll use the s3 placement as background to place her. Regardless of the break, placement games never really did mean much. If there was improvment since then, its not hard to climb up a bit to get where you should place currently. working on improving from there will take more effort.
Okay, awesome, thanks for the info peeps!

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