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I welcome the development team and thank you for creating such a wonderful game. (Overwatch)

But now we come to the dark side of the games. Namely - Game optimization. Even with the Open beta testing, it was wonderful. I tested the game, playing at low and high graphics settings, but with the 1.17 patch everything changed.

The game began to lag. I thought that it would be fixed, but the lag as was, so it is to this day. I tried to clean my computer from dust, to measure the temperature of the video card, processor, etc. Reinstall Windows.

And nothing helped me. I ask you, in order to optimize the game patch in the next patch.

My PC Features:

Intel Core i3 550
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

Your PC is only just at the bare minimum specification required to run the game.
It's actually below the recommended spec.

See this >

4GB of RAM doesn't leave any room for anything else to be running in the background, it's just barely enough for Windows and Overwatch.

Make sure NOTHING else is running at all when you play the game and run everything at low settings. Even make sure that any antivirus / window defender is disabled during play.

In addition to this:
Things known to cause performance/crash issues right now are: Avast antivirus, Razer software, Asus software or graphic drivers needing to be clean installed (DDU).

Try following these guides and see if they help:

Other than that, you perhaps could look into doing some upgrades to your hardware.
ExiledJr, If my computer is weak, how do you explain to me that before the 1.17 patch I could play without lags (1.5 year old), launching Discord and Avast?

The game was stable at low, and high settings. No lag has ever been until patch 1.17.
Jeff, where is the optimization of the game, сука?
I really hope that the 1.21 patch will optimize!
This is not you. I played with 6gb ram before, upgraded even to 8gb just because of this patch. I cant even do 40fps on low without having dips. I could play this game on max with 70fps before the update...
In any case, let's admit - blizzard has problems with optimization. Not at all, but still

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