Make Total Mayhem Permanent or no more $$$ from me

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I'm a whale. I spend a lot of money on games in general and also specifically on Blizzard games. Blizzard reps can look up my account and you'll see what I'm talking about. OW, HS, WOW, Diablo, BlizzCon, etc. I spend ALOT each year. I'm under no delusion that my spending impacts Blizzard or is material to their bottom line. But I want Blizzard to considerate of their customers.

Many people including myself have been asking for Total Mayhem to be permanently available in Arcade. I get that not everyone enjoys Total Mayhem and that's ok but Mystery Heroes is available at all times while fans of other modes have to wait for days or more than a week for their mode to be available. Frankly, all Arcade modes should be available at all times.

I understand wait times may be longer when players are spread across more Arcade options. Give me the chance to decide to wait that longer amount of time rather than making that decision for me. This isn't an unreasonable request.

And yes I understand I can create Total Mayhem in custom games but that's often very unreliable. Total Mayhem available in Arcade mode is a far more superior experience and Blizzard customers deserve that experience.

I won't spend another dollar on a Blizzard game until Blizzard listens to its customers and gives them what they want. Plenty of other options for me to spend my entertainment dollars on other than Blizzard games. Your call Blizzard.
Man, can you guys smell that? This post just reeks of entitlement
I agree with you, but Blizzard doesn't care about your money as an individual, and neither do we. Get out, you entitled manchild.
02/18/2018 12:32 PMPosted by Aelfscyne
all Arcade modes should be available at all times.

I may agree in this*

But you could be less of a child talking like that
The entitlement is strong. Get outta here.
At a certain point you need to take a step back, look at your life and your spending habits, and cut games out of your life for reasons that have nothing to do with the game or its dev team's decisions.

You've long passed that point.
i LOVE total mayhem, i ditch comp and any other mode for it.
But you need to understand that there are people out there that love other modes just as much as you love total mayhem.
(i know its weird if you think of mystery hero but its true)

Still arcade could be improved...
- avoid similar modes: no need to 3v3 AND 6v6 elimination
- dont put comp modes (lucio ball, ctf) into the arcade, you already got that mode in there and nobody should play a comp mode for lootboxes
They don't want your birthday money anyway.
There's no reason that Blizzard couldn't make all Arcade modes available at all times. They don't have to offer one at the exclusion of the other. And yes I am entitled... I'm entitled to be able to play a game I paid money for in the way in which I enjoy it.
I am sure they are scared, you brain damaged little tool. SILENCE....mmmmm caps
All arcade modes should be available ALL the time.
Don't do what OP says or no more $$$ from me.

See how easy that was? Now your demand was cancelled out by my demand.

This is why Blizzard doesn't listen to demands like this.
02/18/2018 12:32 PMPosted by Aelfscyne
Frankly, all Arcade modes should be available at all times.


this is literally the only thing of merit that i can agree with. i despise mayhem, but love no limits and would love comp ctf as a permanent and alternative to getting comp points for guns along with lucioball comp
I think it'd be kinda neat if there was a system in play to invite players to certain game modes that might be low in population. Such a thing could extend across all games like StarCraft and Hearthstone. Bonus XP, more cards, and stuff like that could really keep players rotating around.
All arcade modes should be available at all times. Does anyone disagree with that? And if so why?
"Make Total Mayhem Permanent or no more $$$ from me"
You never grew out of that throw a tantrum at the supermarket because mum wouldn't buy you that toy phase did you?

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