Who else can’t wait for the sombra buffs

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I’m very excited for these buffs I hope she will be in the meta and be very useful!

I’m just scared that when she emps mercy and pharah will fall into a pit easily... not my angelic decent...
I just want Hanzo buffs to come onto ptr.
The crappy spread was the reason I gave up on her, so ya cannot wait
I’m pretty excited just not looking forward to her getting insta locked each game ;-;
I'm very happy. Hybrid DPS heroes (Moira and Zen don't count because they'e more support than DPS) like Sombra or pre-nerf Roadhog just don't work. It's nice that her role as an Offense character is being solidified.
I'm scared. I think the hack time is going to prove to be too much of a buff. I'm all for Sombra buffs, might even main her, but based on what I have seen that particular buff is going to be problematic if it goes live.
I love playing Sombra, but I stopped and started playing tanks/healers because I always get harassed and reported when I pick Sombra. Hopefully these changes will allow me to play her again without the negativity.

02/20/2018 08:41 AMPosted by aieeegrunt
The crappy spread was the reason I gave up on her, so ya cannot wait

The changes to spread honestly don't feel THAT different, but that could just be me.

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