Fix Leavers in Arcade Please!

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I love OW. Even if it is salty with bitter spice of toxicity sometimes, I can mute report and move on.

What I have hard time dealing with however is Leavers. Leavers in Arcade or any amazing Event Games you and the developers make for special holidays/ events.

I love this years Capture the Flag. Even with all the balance patches it is genuinely fun. But I will be honest with you I was fortunate enough to find friends to play with and was able to get up to 2800 for CTF competitive event. It was really fun.

But when I try Solo Que I never have full team because someone whether it is my team or the opponent team leaves the game once they believe they will lose...

I will admit I have records of leaving Arcade or QP due to bathroom breaks or even just quitting because I am sleepy. Buy I feel that this problem is only occuring because there is no actual Penalty to leaving these games unlike the competitive mode.

The penalty for Quick Play Leave or Arcade Leave is only limited to 75% experience loss in the next 5 games. I feel that this is only as good as "slap on the wrist".

Can you please please raise the stake for leaving by making penalty that actually matters? For example, if one repeatedly abandones and leaves Arcade game that he/she will lose that week's Arcade Loot Box Reward?

I want to play and enjoy Arcade but I feel like many people including myself, just cannot enjoy any Arcade games alone when no one respects it let alone scoff at the risk of leaving (75% Exp Loss...)

Please consider stronger punishment for the Arcade/ Event Games... Please Jeff. And thank you for all your hard work...

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the forums are shutting down in a couple hours don't even bother :(

-see you on the other side
02/19/2018 08:37 PMPosted by SPGG
the forums are shutting down in a couple hours don't even bother :(

-see you on the other side

I dont understand. is this forum dead?

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