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I want a samus skin for pharah

An Aang skin for Zenyatta equipped with Avatar State Transcendence

and an Android 16 Skin for Zarya

obviously the its unlikely these skins would happen but it's always fun to dream. What about you guys?
Han Solo McCree
Angel skin for Mercy. I was so disappointed she didn't get one for christmas I didn't play any of the event.
Darth Vader Genji
02/19/2018 11:12 PMPosted by InitialD
Darth Vader Genji
Pink Darth Vader Genji
Mei in a Haruhi inspired Schoolgirl outfit.

Because of her dance inspired by the same series.
Mei pajama outfit with her canister being something like a reading at night pun or make up remover or make up
Or cookie dough
Reinhardt in 80s rock hair and armor swinging a key guitar.
Also when he earthshatters, he says, "Rock N ROLL"!!!!
02/19/2018 11:04 PMPosted by Cobanat
Han Solo McCree
Indiana Jones mcree
Hello Kitty reaper

Also biker soldier with a cool bandanna
Winston is not my main, but I want a Dr. Andross skin from Star Fox for him.
Saitama from One Punch Man for Doomfist ;) Its so obvious
Now I think we can all agree that the skins where Orisa’s eyes don’t show (aka Null Sector and Immortal) are pretty bad (opinion). Orisa needs a new skin but is should show her eyes, her eyes are a big chunk of her personality and I die a little each time she gets a new skin and it doesn’t show her eyes. It also takes the personality out of her emotes, especially the laughing emote and the puppy emote. The idea is a unicorn skin, now here me out before you just call this off as a stupid idea. Her body color is a nice bright white, she has a horn coming out of her forehead (obviously) and has a rainbow colored main running down the top of her, and her gun shoots different colored shots (or whatever that green ammo is). I think this could be a pretty good skin for the Anniversary event considering the skins aren’t related to anything just skins that would look good on the hero, like Genji’s Sentai skin and Bastion’s dune buggy skin. But yeah as long as the skin shows her eyes I think it could be pretty cool.
She isn't currently my main, but she would be if this skin existed:
Faerie Mercy, Pumpkin D.Va, and Moira in a suit.
Siege tank from Starcraft for Bastion
Darth Reaper, Johnny 5 Bastion, Woody McCree and Buzz Lightyear Dva, all the things that could never happen due to trademark laws. Fun to imagine though!
there's this traditional outfit from my country called "Kebaya", really wanna see Symm wearing one, complete with the hairdo.

!@#$'s gotta be hot.
I want a rebel pilote Tracer from Star Wars;)
02/19/2018 11:22 PMPosted by JellyandJam
I want a rebel pilote Tracer from Star Wars;)

I could almost see Tracer as Rey from new Disney cannon too!

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