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Every hero becomes Big daddy Jeff
Alice in Wonderland D.Va

Alchemist Ana and something similar to that for Moira. Idk what I would want for Sombra someone help me
02/19/2018 11:15 PMPosted by RichC
Reinhardt in 80s rock hair and armor swinging a key guitar.
Also when he earthshatters, he says, "Rock N ROLL"!!!!
I had a dream about that once, the dream was about Jeff announcing hero 27 which was a graduate from Princeton college called Princeton (idk why, prob because i have been listening to a lot of Hamilton lately) and as a bonus he gave us a hasselhoff reinhardt skin.
Magician genji
master chief soldier 76
octomus prime reinhardt
thanos doomfist
boxer doomfist
Steel ball master
Nyo ho ho ho~
FYI: it will be like mcree outfit.
EDIT: maybe i just back immadenly in game and spend my money, because this really fits in hero - SPIN FOR HEAL, SPIN FOR KILL.
EDIT: Gyro Zeppeli reference.
02/19/2018 11:16 PMPosted by dradventure
02/19/2018 11:04 PMPosted by Cobanat
Han Solo McCree
Indiana Jones mcree

"Enemy has sword. Indie shoots him"
reindeer orisa, even tho she's kind of like a half main.
Fairy mercy
Auriel Mercy
A good, creepy Krampus skin for Reinhardt.
I once saw jaw dropping quality demon skin for Orisa and honestly cannot think of anything better.
Casual McCree.

The thought of him wearing normal clothes is... enticing.
02/19/2018 11:14 PMPosted by SasakiKojiro
Mei in a Haruhi inspired Schoolgirl outfit.

Because of her dance inspired by the same series.

I couldn't handle that. I'm not huge into Japanese stuff, but that's one of my favorite franchises regardless of nationality. Plus, it's pretty outdated. When I saw Mei had that, I really just couldn't handle it. That was cool.
My number one wants for my mains--

Mercy: Auriel(Diablo)
Zenyatta: Witch Doctor(Diablo)
Orisa: Foo Dog(For LNY)
Moira: Grinch(For WW)
Sombra: Graffiti(For Anniversary, like Tracer's Graffiti skin)

Doomfist: Werewolf(For HT, I think it'd be awesome to have him during transformation and the side of his body with the gauntlet is the transformed part)
Junkrat: Goblin(From WoW)
Bastion: Sandcastle!(For Summer Games, I think it'd be so adorable. Ganymede could be a seagull too!)
Ana: Hazmat(For Anniversary)
I'd like to see Torb as Honey Boo Boo with Roadhog as Mama June.
Black watch Moira
Casual sombra-pink sweatshirt, clunky computer on her back connected with a pink line to a weird device on her hand, regular braid without shaved hair.
Basically how she looked before her “upgrade” in her origins video.
hospital scrub mercy
well not exactly my main, but i want some kind of omnic skins for the humans, it will be very interesting to see omnic version of the founders of overwatch for example.
Zazabi Skin for Zarya or Reinhardt

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