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We saw or heard that there was a missing animal named Hammond he was a small animal like a cat so maybe there will be a cat hero??? #For the cat lord

Likely never gonna happen tho unfortunately. The idea was scrapped
fairly sure hammond is a chimp
02/20/2018 11:07 AMPosted by obscure
fairly sure hammond is a chimp

Never confirmed I believe. He was only mentioned to be a smaller subject, but unfortunately he most likely is a chimp.
02/20/2018 11:07 AMPosted by obscure
fairly sure hammond is a chimp

We have ZERO evidence of this except speculation. That speculation is based on the fact that Hammond was on the same moon base as Winston where we know they trained apes. That is all. It could be a cat, a hamster, anything small.

According to the lore the creature escaped and was able to crawl around in the air vents. This, to me, sounds like something else that isnt very chimp like. Not to mention another ape-based hero would be SOOOO underwhelming. I can hear the giant sigh of disappointment in the player base already. Every character that has been introduced is always different than the last. I expect the trend to continue.
02/20/2018 11:04 AMPosted by Meowcenary

Likely never gonna happen tho unfortunately. The idea was scrapped

Such a missed opportunity if they dont make it so. The reasons Jeff gave just dont sell it to me. He said the idea of a flying cat was too outlandish even for Overwatch but we have a talking scientist gorilla...he also said they ran into trouble designing the paws to work with the jetpack controls but I feel D Va's in-mech view is exactly this. So...why the difficulty?

He said it was a scrapped idea but I would not be surprised if it was a hint of things to come. I just dont see it not being feasible and another animal hero would be a pretty bad !@# addition to the roster.
Have you seen the new dva skin? Thats as close as youre gonna get
I think some people (((PETA))) would have some words if the newest character in a game about violently killing your enemy was a small cat
Ok I was thinking a while back: What if jetpack cat was in the game. How would you make a cat with a jetpack a fighter? This is my take on it:
Name: JetCat (because jetpack cat may be to long for the character select screen)
Class: Defense
Primary Fire: 50 Damage Scratch
Secondary Fire: Opens Up a Scope, Shots do 90 Damage a hit. Scope has a laser sight showing where the shots will go. Special frequency of light that only cat eyes can see.
Ability 1:Tangle: Places A hairball on the ground in front of them. Anyone who walks through them will be slowed to 50% speed and mobility abilities are reduced by 50%. Can have 5 out at a time, must wait 5 seconds before placing another one. Does not stack with other hairball.
Second Ability: Prowl: Jetpack Cat Becomes invisible all except for its eyes, similiar to a cat in the dark, for 5 seconds. Can shoot while invisible. 8 Second cooldown.
Ultimate: Flight: JetCat's jetpack flies off and can either attach to an ally, who then gains control and can use it however, or can attach to an enemy and carry cool down.

Coming up with ideas of how it would work is the easy part.

He/she could be a flying character similar to Pharah but without as much up-time (somewhere in between DVa's boosters and Pharah's hover). Maybe a hit-scan flyer but with slow mobility while airborne but when on the ground much faster however a different weapon, ability is used.
Will never happen. Just doesn’t mold well. Not to mention would be an insanely tiny hit box. And, forced to kill a cat? No thanks.

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