Possible new placement system incoming?

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If you've completed your CTF placements, do share the SR you gained from them, and your current SR and/or SR you had when you completed them.
I believe there's a chance the CTF placements are a test to new placements that actually can/will effect your SR.

The current system still gives you a few sr off/on your last seasons end SR, but while its shown that CTF goes off actual competitive SR (Golds face golds, etc), you can still place far differently!
For example, I played all 10 placements with my 1300sr friend, I'm 2200. She placed 1600 and I placed 2500 in capture the flag, but we weren't doing any intense carry plays, hell we didnt even tryhard; we just sat at the flag as Genji and Sym and had fun talking/relaxing from actual comp (still won 6 games lmao, we of course defended it)

Meanwhile, my 3 friends played together and won 2 games, all got placed low Silver/Bronze (1500-1700 range for all 3), despite them being 1900, 2000 and 2400.
All far off differences from actual/current SR.

Could it be blizzard will combine Meis Yeti Hunts role select, and a placement system that actually can give you entirely new ranks?
Idk but I thought it was worth sharing. This post is p badly done probably I just wanted to give my hope of a better system (not trying to be a gold screaming "give me higher sr" im completely aware I suck lmao)
Just wanna add my experience here then, first for real comp - this season on my second account in real comp I duo queued with a friend who's finished his last season at 2450 rating. My second account was at about 3300 rating the last time it was placed.

We won 7 / 10 games playing against Diamond / Master usually and he got placed at about 2800 and me at about 3450. He "gained" double the SR due to playing against much higher players I assume.

Now on this account I played until 3515 in real comp and stopped, decayed to 3000 and did the placements for CTF alone. I got placed at 3875 with 6 wins. My brother is at 2800 and won 5 or 6 games and got placed at 3120.

My assumption was that it would just place you about 200-300 sr about your real comp rating but your friends seem to prove me wrong on that, being placed lower.

I gained about 30 points winning against 3600avg rated teams and about 60 points winning against 4100avg rated teams after the placements. I stopped playing after hitting GM though so I can't say if that was an initial boost to SR gains or just the normal gains I would also get after having played 100 of games.
The problem I see with ctf is that it promotes an entirely different playstyle that HEAVILY punishes staggers and doesn't really take into account as much positioning than normal competitive play.

Testing out different mmr systems in ctf to be implemented in normal competitive seems like a fundamentally flawed idea from my perspective. Take my rank for example. I've been able to mid to high masters and even lick GM a couple of times, but when I waltzed into ctf my ranking is currently 4300.

This is ridiculous to me due to the massive gap in sr that indicates skill if it were applying to the same ranking system. I think you bring up a good point about testing mmr in different, less important styles that don't carry as much weight as normal competitive, but using the same mmr system across different game modes just does not bode well for anybody's ability to show their true ranking.

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