Best killing genji moments you ever had

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When I play Winston/Moira and they try to deflect
Everytime I kill him as mercy. Or when I use Ana's compo on him.
I feel so much pleasure T-bagging his face
my favourite moment of killing a Genji recently was as Mercy i killed the ulting genji, he then came for me again after he respawned where i killed him once more, so the person ended up switching to Pharah so they could kill me.
another good moment was when i killed another ulting genji when he just pulled out his blade when i was playing Zenyatta
sticking the payload as tracer and blading genji dies from it
The one i was proud of was in hollywood. I was ana. And a genji double jumped over my head and activated his ultimate. Slept him mid dash. Really satisfying. Specially since i know how tilting it is to be the genji who just wastes the ultimate.

Nuff said
I was Mercy and the two DPS with me died to a Genji, decided he was gonna solo ult me. I managed to shoot him then kill him with a melee and Rez the two DPS. Worst part was that got play that round, I appreciate their effort and if they weren’t already low health I probably would have died XD
Was anna, genji dragonbladed and dashed at me.
I panic pressed shift.

It was so simple, but I was laughing my !@# off while he died in a glorious explosion of yellow
Had a game today where I flicked and headshot a Genji immediately as his deflect went down as McCree. It was smooth.
Okay, I did end up bullying a Genji one game as Ana, but he really did deserve it.

It started when he tried to solo-ult me and I slept him mid-swing. Now, normally I don't tea-bag but when he targeted me instead of our Mercy (pre-nerf) I felt very singled out, so I gave him some special attention. I almost managed to kill him too, but he managed to deflect the very last shot and dashed away (bad timing on my part).

Flash forward half a minute and he was sneaking up on one of my teammates, so I slept him from behind, made sure he saw me, and then I killed him.

Now, after that and some other pot-shots I got on him he was wary of me and tried to not engage with me directly. So he waited until he saw me round a corner to use his ult. Unfortunately for him I just peeked and never really left, so again I slept him in his ult. Our Bastion promptly mowed him down, our Mercy rezzed his one kill...

And he left the game. We won seconds later, and I admit, I laughed quite a bit. Poor guy...
Playing McCree on Junkertown when a teammate called out the enemy flank. I waltzed over and killed their Hanzo, 2 tapped the Genji, all while he was pulling out his sword mid air.
Managed to nail one with a sleep dart on the jump pad at Chateau Guillard. I saluted him on his way down into the lake.

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