Name the worst change you can do to any hero

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Dash reset is removed.
Why do people want this change? It would break Genji.
You have to play against both teams as Bastion because of what he is.
Mei dies when she goes in her cryofreeze
Mei's spray no longer freezes the enemy but only slows and roots them
2 words.
Friendly Fire.
Make rocket punch send doomfist flying backwards instead of forwards, so you have to aim it in reverse. can no longer exit her mech when it is destroyed and is instead killed along with it. This includes using it for Self Destruct.
Nerf any support ability that makes the game "un-fun" for DPS
Symmetra can now heal.
Mercy's health drains to heal others
Mercy has to aim the beam in roder to heal other and fly to them.
Everytime Reinhardt charges into a wall without pinning someone, he will suffer a concussion, and remain stunned for 5 seconds after the impact.
02/16/2018 12:05 PMPosted by JellyandJam
Tracer now has to teleport to reload.

Wouldn’t that be weird;)
tracer now has a 5 minute cast time for all abilities
To honor the DPS wishes, every support is now immobile and cannot move unless the voice line “I need healing” is spammed, this allows the support hero to take 5 steps in any direction. When a DPS or Defense hero comes within range of a support character, the support hero now automatically enters there emote state. Spamming hello will fire one bullet worth 5 damage. Spamming a voice line fires a second bullet with a 1.5 second cast time. This Should enable Overwatch to be a better spectator game and allow us to see more cool Genji/Tracer plays. Really fun to watch!
02/16/2018 12:04 PMPosted by Qwazi
Add cast-timer to Mercy's ability and make her stand still and unable to cancel while casting it...

Oh wait... that already happened...

Genji's deflect hitbox now matches his model size.
Funny idea. I'll try a few:

Widowmaker and Hanzo can no longer headshot

Tracer can no longer fire while moving

Junkrat takes full damage from all of his own attacks

Zenyatta needs to hold the button and can't attack to use his orbs

Symmetra can only place her teleporter on the objective
leave reaper as is idk how worse he can be except nerfing his dmg lmao

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