Name the worst change you can do to any hero

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Replace Widowmaker's hitscan bullets with Lucio projectiles.
-Ana now deals 60 damage instead of 80.
-Ressurect has been changed to Valkyrie and Ressurect is now Mercy's E ability.
-Blizzard can now be interrupted mid-throw
-Doomfist's rocket punch hit box has been reduced to the size of McCree's bullets

These are changes I would make if I wanted to ruin a hero.
torb turrets only have 1 hp
bastions cant reload or heal in sentry form
junkrat traps have a large arrow pointing down to it
roadhog hooks have a 2 second cast time
zenyatta balls bounce
hanzo scatter arrow gets stuck in floors
genji deflect only works for headshots
sym turrets need to reload
reinhardts hammer needs to be aimed
lucio needs to stop moving to switch songs or to amp it up or use sound barrier
pharah needs to land to reload
mcree is immobilized after he rolls for 3 seconds
reaper can be trapped/hooked/stunned in wraith form
orisa can not move while her shield is down
zarya bubbles have a cast time of one second and can be interrupted
doomfist has to remove his gauntlet to reload his primary fire
mercy has to stop moving completely to switch between damage and healing beams
moira orbs can friendly fire or heal the other team
remove take a breather for roadhog
Pharah can only shoot rockets while she's on the ground.

Roadhog's hook has a cast-time.

Hanzo's ult can't go through walls or anything solid.

Zenyatta can't move while in transcendence.

Lucio has a cooldown between switching songs.

instead of reloading mei's weapon has a resource meter that only refills when you get a kill.

Junkrat's bombs deal friendly-fire damage to his team too.

Mercy's rez brings people back with 1 health.

Whenever Dva's out of Mech [even from her ult] she doesn't get a new one until she dies.
Name the worst change you can do to any hero

-Bastion's Sentry Mode now shot's Hanzo's Scatter Arrow Machine full automatic. People would be trapped in terror being spawn camped. Hanzo Mains would praise their new God and switch. Chaos would ensue and Omnic Crisis V2 would break out.

-Imagine if DPS ULTS were nerfed as hard as Mercy and hard capped to two max kills only. DPS players would say its unfun and almost pointless.
I will apply something awful to every heroes in this game.


Remove guardian angel from mercy
Bastion can no longer self heal.
Iron clad passive ability removed
Bastion's recon weapon spread has increased by 30%.
Bastion's sentry weapon spread has increased by 50%.
02/16/2018 12:03 PMPosted by NinjaZell
Like their kit stays basically the same but you nerf them in a bad way.

For example: Ana now has falloff damage as well as falloff healing (I would never do this, this thread is just for the lulz)

Make a heroes ultimate just their normal gameplay but easier (mercy)

Not really ruining but dies make the hero unfun's self destruct doesn't grant her mech back.
Lucio can't wallride
Reinhardt has to stand still while using shield
Winston gun has no lock-on
Roadhog's heal didn't reduce damage and he had to stay still
Those were for all my mains.
Dealing damage to Sombra interrupts her ability to use her SMG.

Pharah's rockets have no splash damage.

Junkrat's grenades have double their current gravity.

Riptire has 1 HP.
ALL heroes' ults now do self harm and kill you if anything physical is within 10 feet of you as you use them (this patch is called the pharah curse)
Self damage for Junkrat
Falloff for Widow
Fall damage for Pharah
Buff Bastion's Ironclad passive back to 35% damage reduction, increase his spread even further by 40%.
Lucio can only play Hasselhoff now.
Bastion have only 1 hp in every mode and its only shield
Every bullet fired by Bastion's cannon in Turret mode create D.Va's ult upon impact.
Doomfists RP hitbox is reduced to be smaller than the blast from Mercys pistol. So small that half the time you’ll phase right through your opponents, even if on your screen you hit them dead center.

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