Which hero cinematic would you like to see next?

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Symmetra, Mercy, D.Va, and Widowmaker/Ameile + Gerard
Symmetra and Mercy because they're my mains, I'm always up for learning more about them
D.Va because we know next to nothing about her
Widowmaker mostly because I want to learn about her old self and her hubby. I wanna know how they met and if Ameile had any sort of influence on her husband's job
People saying mercy needs a cinematic, smh she already has one.

By far, Sym and Lucio!

Capturing the moment where Lucio steals hard light technology from Vishkar with Sym trying to stop him through surveillance turrets, force fields, and teleporting ahead of him while he's riding walls and dodging the obstacles in his path would be so cool you see.

They could also really highlight the differences between the characters and their views on order, structure, and freedom.

It'd be epic.
I'd be down for anything that would provide more lore for heroes that either have nothing or had a comic over a year and a half ago. If I had to pick just one hero though, I want to see more with Pharah. Especially with the knowledge that Overwatch is being recalled, I would love to see how she reacts to it and tries to find Winston or finds Ana.
Mercy for sure. Symmetra 100%.

Would love to see a non-cartoony Junker one. But given that we got the cartoony one that's likely last on the list.
Hanzo genji
Junkrat hog

Most important
02/19/2018 12:53 PMPosted by StitcheryDoo
People saying mercy needs a cinematic, smh she already has one.


Exactly lol perfect
Moira, Symmetra or D.Va.
Zen or dva for me
They still create lore?
Zen. I wanna see him train Genji.
02/19/2018 12:19 PMPosted by Maffis

We barely know anything about the omnics...

- Moira
- Zenyatta
- D.Va
- Pharah
- Lucio
- Sombra

I don't want another "Rise and Shine" one, where they go over the backstory with a few extra details; I want something that continues the Overwatch story.
hanzo for sure
I want a Lucio VS Symmetra cinematic. We know that they are enemies, and Lucio's storyline revolves around his peoples oppression from Vishkar, and that he started an uprising

I would love to see a cinematic of Symmetra being personally assigned to hunt down and capture Lucio, we know she isn't actually evil so it would be really cool to see an evolving interaction between the two, and see Symmetra come to learn that her suspicions are true and Vishkar truly is evil

(Plus, come on, PERFECT setup for Sanjay Korpal as next hero?? hello?)
Junkrats as a kobold doing what a kobold does would be a great 5m short.
A proper Roadhog/Junkrat one.
02/19/2018 12:06 PMPosted by Reaper
Reaper. A cinematic that could explore three different scenarious about Reaper's complex and elaborate character:

- The backstory: how Gabriel Reyes turned on Overwatch and led that wretched scum of cruelty to its downfall, and how he was reborn into Reaper;

- The 'human' side: how Reaper is trying to find traces of his former life, a tie-in with the mysterious family that was stalked by Reaper around the time of Christmas;

- The 'Talon' side: how Reaper has influenced the current events and his role in the new war that Talon is about to start thanks to his vital intervention in freeing his comrade and equal (not superior) Akande Ogundimu.

Hasn't reaper been in at least half the cinematics so far?
Symmetra and Lucio's fight in Brazil

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