Why are all the goodbye forum threads beeing deleted?

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Hey, y'all!

Gonna go ahead n' leave a note here, with the new forum's coming soon! While there's a lot of excitement goin' 'round, let's try to keep the current forums clean, n' constructive!

-Forum Mod
02/20/2018 09:43 AMPosted by MagyTheMage
Can we atleast get a proper explanation of this?

The forums doesnt give reasoning it only says "404"

Mods? Explain pls?

I'd really like to know, my farewell was very successful with it's 1 upvote.
Perhaps because it doesn’t relate to Overwatch matters? Idk
Can we in the new forums atleast get a

"thread deleted, reason: Stop spamming"

or something like that?

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