How does Blizzard take action on console?

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I play on PS4 a lot and ever since they added that report system in I've been curious on how they take care of players. I'm not sure if they don't do anything about it or have Microsoft and Sony lock the user out of the game when Blizzard contacts them. Then again that would be a bit annoying to always do that huh.

If anyone has any idea tell me I wish to know or what you think.
I Also want to know this thinking about posting a similar post as well. The bans should be public knowledge so we know action has been taken. The toxic behaviour is on a daily basis on console and when you report someone then get matched in a game with them the very next match or couple games later. Personally think the bans should be handed out during events. Just like taking toys from children and if their behaviour improves during off events they can take part in the next one.

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