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Bug Report
I have this happen frequently for me and my ping might be around 50 when it happens. Basically I press a button: shift, e, or even sometimes q and there's a chance I'll run into this. I start my animation, and it suddenly stops and usually my ability is still usable.

Example: As Genji I started my dash, he moved his hand forward with his small blade then it stopped. Nothing happened but I was stuck in it's animation long enough to render me useless.

I will have this happen to any hero on any ability, unfortunately I do not record my gameplay so I don't have visual proof. However I do know some people do have this problem.
This is also happening on Console. There's a small discussion happening about it over on /r/OWConsole on Reddit. I managed to capture a little evidence of this happening to me in the Practice Range as Orisa. I play on PS4.

Here's the video:

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