Competitive capture the flag bugs ?

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As diamond ,I got into a match where we had people doing placements on our team, I thought diamond+ weren't allowed to do that.

And this isn't a bug , but more of a question

Anyone else gaining/losing around 60 SR per match ?
Diamonds cannot group with people doing placements, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be put in games with people placing.
your really going to complain on the forums after we lost that game
Depends on what you play. I dropped down from Plat by playing Lucio. I later learned from other Lucio players that unless you're the one capping all the flags or most, among the healing and some kills, you don't get much SR when you win, but lose quite a bit when you lose. After nerf as well. Rip o/
That's almost every game for me. I get a warning that queue times will take long and it usually throws me in with either a plat/diamond/master and a lot of placement matchers.

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