Two characters that make Overwatch not much fun

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After reading your post I asked myself "Is this guy bronze, those are easy as hell to avoid". I then looked at your rank and saw that I was spot on. gg.
EGADS! We don't need a blow-by-blow update of A Day In The Bronze Life™ every hour. You suck, we know it now, so knock it off.
02/18/2018 11:23 AMPosted by Petoften
But at the end it was just dva swarms in and smothers bastion with help like winston, nothing to do, another loss. 2 gold 2 silver last I checked.


But okay, either ways, same logic applies to dva. Self repair while she matrixes and you've dealt with her. Also, as to bomb. Position yourself near somewhere where you can get to cover in seconds. Though everyone has the occasional "Oh sh*t" moments with it.

And I doubt bronze junkrats will be able to perfectly ricochet the bombs to hit bastion. If they're getting close (I mean like 6 m) Just try going to a highground ledge, it's harder to hit and you can just jump if SOMEHOW their junk is just a god stuck in bronze.

There, same tip from literally probably the best bastion player.
Several more games this morning, all the same issues - we were winning big, one dva ult turned it into a loss, lots of junkrat kills, every game a dva I think.
You seem pretty hard-headed. Here are your simple fixes to the problem your facing: 1.) Only play Bastion when you have a barrier tank to coordinate with. 2.) Take the high ground on payload maps. DVA's let is mainly used to create space for his team (usually around the pay-load). 3.) SWITCH - Complaining about getting killed by Junkrat bombs while playing a STATIONARY character is like complaining about being rolled by a team with a Widow + McCree/Soldier as a Pharah.
May I suggest getting better? You seem to be blaming losses on... the... enemy... team... being better? Wow what a revelation.
Lots of people who have difficulty understanding English - or worse.
02/18/2018 12:46 PMPosted by Petoften
Game 6 of the day, enemy dva and junkrat. The usual. Junkrat would kill my bastion with 2 clicks where I couldn't see him much.

I did get 4 golds the first round - then someone decided it was a good idea to grab bastion the next round so I played Mercy.

And more junkrat killing and dva ulting (one I remember got me and 2 others). Didn't expect to win but we pulled out a close game.
it takes junkrat 3 bombs to kill bastion and 4 if he is sentry mode. Try to get better positioning and use recon mode more and stay behind shields

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