I have quit Overwatch...

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Can you log onto your actually account. I really wanna see your gameplay stats.
right now its just a lvl 11 looking for attention.
02/19/2018 10:22 PMPosted by SgtTin
02/19/2018 10:21 PMPosted by Cobanat
I still have angry birds on my phone.

I'd be more impressed with still having Flappy Bird

i have it lmao. haven't played it in years though. but i still got it
02/20/2018 06:37 AMPosted by EvilSJW
<span class="truncated">...</span>I did play comp a lot. I didn’t always play casually. My love for a competitive game is one of the reasons I quit. This competitive is too much and I can’t deal with it. That’s just a small role. When stacked together it becomes one big issue.

i dont think playing qp =/= playing casually. Like i meant that u miss the game being easy to pick up and play without needing to be a hardcore gamer pro. Like mercys rez didnt feel op when i first played overwatch, it only started to feel op when i played around extremely competitive people, because they abused this ability rather than having fun with it. Thats why overwatch has a divide between casual players and competative players, and they focus on competative more

look at all new heroes they added, they are all high skill ceiling and really hard to pick up if youre a casual gamer.

mean while the opposite of this is a hero you can have fun with and also do go with in your 1st-3rd match playing them (Like lucio, junkrat, rein for me)

so i feel what you're saying is you miss more of this "for fun" overwatch rather than "i only play this game to rank up in comp"
No I never said I miss the game being easy. I missed it when Competitive was fun. Win or loss, I had fun. Nowadays I only get half the excitement winning.
Edit: lol forgot I was on my other acc. Rip

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