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So me and a couple friends have had some very unusual placement experiences this past week, and I'm confused as to what it is in the algorithm that caused us all to have such weird placements compared to what we would expect to see.

The first and most drastic is a friend of mine that has two accounts. His old account was placed in previous seasons at around 1800 sr. He hasn't been on it in a while and has instead been using his second account, which he has maintained in low platinum for several comp seasons. Last week, we decided to go back to his old account and place it for season 8. We 6-stacked for it, mostly gold ranked people. The sr me and my other friends normally play at is about 2200. And the placements went really well. We won one, lost one, won six in a row, and then lost two. My friend was playing Zarya, Reinhardt, Genji and Lucio. He wasn't switching mid game. If he played Lucio, he was on Lucio that entire game. And, for whatever reason, his account placed at 1525 sr. This is a platinum player. Even counting this account's previous competitive history, there isn't really a reason why he should have place over 1000 sr below where he is used to playing.

The next two weird placements were in ctf, not the normal competitive gamemode. It involves me and my silver friend. She's high silver, and I'm mid gold. We normally play comp together a decent amount. We both separately decided to do our comp ctf placements. We both individually solo-queued all 10 of them. I played Reaper and Symmetra and placed platinum, a good 300 sr ABOVE where I normally play. And she basically one-tricked Torb for her placements and placed bronze with 1300 right on the mark, a good 300 sr BELOW where she normally plays. Now this could be because ctf is a different gamemode entirely and is not reflective of our normal comp rank?.. But I would have imagined them to be comparable. And it sucks especially for this because she's my closest friend and we normally play all gamemodes together, from qp to comp to ctf, and now I can't play the competitive ctf with her because the sr difference between us exceeds 1000. I consider her a player of similar skill to me. I have more strategy and game sense, but she has vastly better aim than I do, and we usually work from balancing those two skillsets.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has had weird and off placements lately. I'm just trying to understand what the algorithm did here.
Placements are based off of your previous season's results more than anything else.
Placements of previous seasons segments the player base and doesn't give a true reading. I was mid gold on first season, let my kids play the game and unknowingly destroyed my rating. Now I am stuck at bronze with people that either do not understand the concept of a team FPS and try take on 6 people solo or are 2nd account trolls and make life impossible to get anywhere.

A season shouldn't be determined on the merit of the previous season in my opinion, each season should be exactly that, a new season??
Placement matches don't seem to have too much extra weight or emphasis beyond 10 regular matches.

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