Lost 50 SR for winning!

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Due to mantinance last night I was logged out of battlenet mid game (Internet was fine as I could still talk in Discord.) I join back like normal and we stomp them no problem. But instead of getting some SR for the win Im rewarded with a suspention and a 50 SR loss for "leaving" the game. All this even tho I came back AND we won.

I sent a ticket to Blizz and the gamemaster gave me the wonderfull tip of "make sure your conection is stable" Yeah Im on fibernet with an cable its !@#$ing stable! I don't want a suspention on my acount for something on Blizzards end.
Dont play during maintenance times
02/20/2018 05:04 AMPosted by Nehyaa
Dont play during maintenance times

Mantinance starts a 03:00 and this happened around 02:40 it was my last game for the night anyway. It annoys me that blizzard had no fix or even acknowledged that this is a problem. What is the point of joining back and WINNING if you still miss out on your SR, lose 50 and get a suspention. This game is a joke sometimes.

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