What will be your first post on the new forums?

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Someone just downvoted everyone’s posts again. I liked them all to even it out.
I'm gonna make a post about the Hanzo rework and who benefits and who loses.
Find a character I can cry about because I'm not good enough to kill that hero.

For example Genji.
Probably how for the next Halloween event it would be really cool if D.Va got a legendary skin where her mech is a pumpkin and she's in a skeleton onsie.
02/20/2018 07:33 AMPosted by Pisces
about pectorals.
And other prehistoric creatures!
02/20/2018 07:34 AMPosted by Abeyenopixel
02/20/2018 07:30 AMPosted by CoolBiz125
How about you all?

Nerf Moira!!!

jk jk

I don't know, I mainly posts on threads, I hardly make any.

Same here. It will be different when having a high enough trust level to have youtube links embedded in a post :)
Nerf Genji


Probably revamp some of my earlier hero and balance concepts and post them, so much heart and effort were in those

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