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The problem with Mei is that she was very strong agains heroes that have nothing to do with mobility, or have very little, while being very weak against heroes that had mobility! (such as genji and tracer)

This PTR buff, while making her a bit more strong against mobility, makes her more broken in 1v1's against mobility lacking heroes.
And that wasnt the intention!

I just want Jeff to realise that this buff has more downsides than benefits, and that Mei maybe needs a completely new ability to achieve her purpose.

Next, i am going to describe a rework i came up for Mei:

Her primary fire should be removed, and offer her instead a secondary ability ,that i like to call "Skating Ring"
This "skating rink" is a surface (i dont know yet the size that would work, maybe as big as point A of Kings row?) , and basically any hero that stept on this surface, is unable to perform any mobility ability.
////optional: make her icicles a more reliable damage-dealers , and move them on M1.

Please leave your opinion on the PTR buff and on my buff idea maybe? thank you!
Maybe if the projectile spread of her primary was a lot wider, instead? It wouldn't freeze low mobility any faster, but it would improve the consistency of particles on more evasive heroes and speed up their freezing.
Don't mind adjustments made to her.

The fact that she may turn into a oppressive freezing bot is what concerns me.
Why don't we take everyone's favourite ability (Junkrat's trap) and give Mei 2 OF THEM! Worked for Junkrat and now he's playable. Let's also make the trap do 200 dmg instead of 80 so random traps insta kill Genji's and Tracer's. Also when the trap activates, a loud voice line "A-MEI-ZING" should be heard on everyone's screen to let everyone know that someone got killed by a random trap.

Also give Junkrat 3 concussion mines please cause us Junkrat mains can't aim by holding down M1 all the time and need AOE dmg to actually do anything kthxbye.
When did Mei ever have a problem with enemies not being frozen long enough? A reduction in the time to freeze would be a much more impactful buff. Even an increase to her primary fires range and damage would be a better buff.
02/15/2018 04:05 AMPosted by Squizzo
A reduction in the time to freeze would be a much more impactful buff.

personally i think this buff would feel unfun since not being able to fight back is frustrating
I played hog on the PTR Vs mei and sombra and I can assure you I never played !y character at all for a good 30 seconds.
My supports were pumping heals like crazy on me and I was eating damage being permanent freezer and hacked and I couldn't LoS it. Was pretty frustrating.

First point Hollywood, i get hacked, I start to get freeze by mei, I got into the mini cafe using my E, I break LoS with mei, she follows me and freeze me completely then again hacked then again frozen then hacked with emp and then mein ultimate.
Literally couldn't play hog.
If you ask me, it takes long to freeze someone who has mobility, but it might break her cause you can freeze more targets...
She's Satan so you have to deal with it
"The problem is that i want a counter to mobility and she's not one"

Good logic

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