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A handful amount of times, mainly for fun, my team and I would only use tanks. It seems to be efficient all of the times we used it. But everything has weaknesses. What would be the main weakness of a tank only team? I already know that there is no healing, which is a big downside. But other than that, what is there exactly?
junkrat and reaper
No healing

Oh you already said that... hmmm well how bout
No healing
Reaper is the least of your worries as full tank team, he can't do anything with dva and roadhog around
Weight limits on elevators
02/15/2018 09:32 AMPosted by DirtyMike
Weight limits on elevators

Oh that’s a big one
02/15/2018 09:29 AMPosted by Firehawk
junkrat and reaper

Ah true - Reaper is a tank shredder and Junkrat just blows everything up.
If the enemy team runs 3 dps-bastion junkrat and Pharah with 2 healers and Orisa you lose
5 tanks 1 lucio....probably better then 6 tanks
The enemy gets ult charge faster, the lack of healing means you can be chipped down over time while you can't catch the enemy quickly.

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