Voice chat Disconnects on XB1 and PC

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I'm now to the point that I don't play in comp any more because I can't communicate with my team. Originally it was only happening to me on the XB1 so my friends and I would just party chat instead. Now it's happening on PC too. It started out as once in a while. Now it happens typically within 2 minutes of the start of a game.

It doesn't matter what play mode you're in, comp, ctf, qp... Same results.

And before you tell me it's my connection, I ran a constant ping to a site while playing and had an average latency of 13ms with 0 dropped packets. I have a gigabit connection and post 980d 50u when tested.

Tried multiple head sets, multiple platforms, wired / wifi. EVERY other game and application works perfectly EXCEPT Overwatch.
bump... maybe someone will actually see this and address it

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