PSA: Hanzo changes are still in closed tetsing...

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And might not even reach PTR.

I just want to keep this clear.
Geoff and Jeff talked about what they were attempting with Hanzo, what failed and what they are testing now because of the high demand of feedback from them and for how controversial and persistent the Hanzo (and mostly Scatter Arrow) threads are.

Feedback is always good, brainstorming and questions help a lot even them to get new points of view on the matter, but don't treat them as something that is coming to live play at all. This attitude can lead to major disappointment in case some (of all) the changes don't ultimately come through and the complaints threads that are sure to follow might drive the Devs not to share anymore their internal testing for other things because of the community reaction (leading again to months of silence before they come out with changes that seem to be out of the blue).

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