Is it bannable to spawn camp in quick play?

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My friend and I were in quickplay on Junkertown, attack. We decided to go to the enemies spawn and spawn camp as Symmetra and Roadhog. We killed a few members of there team then died, whilst doing this a Widow on our team reported us and said that they were recording as we were 'trolling', which is simply not true.
Remember, this is in quickplay, and all we were doing is having fun. So my question is, is that bannable?
It's not an area you can't access. Plus, if your 2v6 ends, your team fights without you. It's annoying, but not unlawful.
No, but you're a [redacted].
To me, the fact that you felt you needed to ask this shows that the game is being too highly regulated. It's a video game and people are afraid to have fun the way they want to. Mario and Luigi are shaking their heads somewhere right now.
I can agree with that, VersaceJorts.
Nope, however annoying it might be.
Well apparently the person whom reported us has opened a support ticket about it, Shadepool7.
It shouldn't be. Spawn camping is a legitimate (although very risky) tactic to win. As long as you're actually trying to win and not artificially extending the game for an hour, you should be fine.
Push as a group instead of running out 1 by 1 or having no tanks.
I spawn camp all the time. Its fun
I actually enjoy spawn camping in quick play because it's the only place you can do it without throwing. In competitive you can never push up that far to fight in those areas, so I take advantage of fighting in them in quick play because it's really the only chance you get to have intense combat in those areas and it's a nice change of pace.
Spawn camping itself is NOT bannable in any game mode and is technically a very risky tactic for an enemy team to engage. In fact maps like second point on Temple of Anubis, third point on Kings Row, the spawn doors are so extremely close to the final objective point that sometimes it is the best way to secure the point if you are the attacking team. However in a balanced match, you are usually only buying maybe five to ten seconds.

To further clarify, "spawn trapping" (particularly in Deathmatch by playing Symmetra) is also not bannable, but that is more of a harmless prank that is easily counterable.
Spawn camping is fair game in any mode and more than a viable tactic; if the enemy can't be patient enough to group up and exit their base at once, their defeat is inevitable anyways.

They will have a defensive advantage and team fight advantage, so its not really difficult to bust out. Balanced teams never get spawn camped for more than half a minute.

Only trickle-teams fall for spawn camping, and it becomes less common as skill rises. Its still a great laugh when it happens to my team or the enemy team though.
However much we wish it was, it's not.

Unfortunate tbh since it ruins the game for one team
I had encounter this issue in yesterday, there is this sombra and tracer in the opponent team camping in our spawn point without stopping our payload .
Even our spawn point already changed , they still camp at the previous point lol .
because of that they lost . what a troll .

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