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She's currently the best tank. She could definitely be nerfed to become more in line with the other tanks and to help prevent Dive comp from being the go-to comp for every situation.

I don't think she would need any major nerfs though. Maybe add a second of cooldown to her booster ability and prevent her from using DM and her missiles at the same time; I never understood why they allowed her to do that.
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Much of the problem that people have is that she's hard to demech, that she's got too much going for her, and that she's too good as a generalist.

So if something were to more consistently keep her in check and make her cautious, it would be harder for her to be so good as a generalist.

Like I said, counter her. As Tracer and Widow I have NO PROBLEM at all demeching her. I still don't see the issue.

...I mean, I said in the beginning that I think she's fine.

My point was that as heroes are introduced, reworked, buffed, etc. I think it'll keep her in check. As a Sombra main, I counter her hard and remove her DM, so I have no issues with her.
D.va and hard to demech in the same sentence? Umm ok. Junkrat,Mei,Reaper,Tracer,Genji,Roadhog,Zarya,Symmetra(Full Charge) wreck d.va in 1v1's. 6/8 are played in any given match.
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Please wait for Sombra, Mei, and Symmetra’s buffs to go live before you start calling her too strong.

Yeah man. She's only been the most popular tank/2nd most popular hero for almost a year. Sure we can wait another 3 months with her overpowered !@# in every game.
These posts show why dive has been meta for so long. Because people don't want to look at what's driving dive. They just wanna complain about Deflect hitbox as if that would actually fix anything
02/18/2018 12:54 PMPosted by Xian396
yup. one could say she's the tank equivalent for the offense category's tracer and genji. heroes that fit in a lot of team comp

I can agree pretty well with this, but I feel the issue's more dive as a whole, and less so D. Va.

Don't see how you'd nerf her without destroying the character.

That said, DM definitely enables dive. I just don't know.

I'm down to wait for Mei/Sombra buffs first, but it is getting tiring knowing she's so prevalent, while Rein/Zarya get next to zero play in comparison, of the 5 tanks.

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