Who is your main character and why or how did you pick them?

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I like all defence heroes but I play dva a lot. But I am not really a active type so Orisa seems fun too
I can't juggle in real life. Tried multiple times, but can't get the hang of it.

But seriously, I love playing DPS that heals.
Sombra because I love how weird her kit is and how you can play around things and help your team
Hanzo and Genji.

Hanzo- I watched The Arrow

Genji- I watched shadder2k
First: Zarya. She was a tank that everyone undervalued at first, but I knew she had it in her kit to be a game changer.

Second: Orisa. She was a tank that everyone undervalued at first, but I knew she had it in her kit to be a game changer.

I love her turrets
When I first got the game, McCree appealed to me a lot. Because sexy cowboy.

But I went on to Hanzo instead because OW was my first FPS and I was terrible at aiming. Turns out I was pretty good at Hanzo for some reason so I stuck with him for a few months.

Once I was a bit more confident with my aim, I decided to try McCree again, simultaneously trying to get his Deadeye achievement and, after a few hours of gameplay, decided "Yes. This is my ma(i)n."
Orisa. I thought her character design was so imaginative when she was announced. From a rich culture that blends tradition and advancement, she too is a blend of old and new. Inspired by Rienhardt, a knight of old, and infused with futuristic technology, Orisa stands as beckon of what humans and omnics can do when working together.

The world of Overwatch is far from perfect. Wars, corruption, prejudice. It was the will and hope of a brilliant child that brought Orisa into this world. Orisa is the innocent wish for people to get along. She is the belief that there is still good that deserves to be protected. Her role as protector in the fight is just as important as her role as a symbol for a brighter future.
I flex. But if I had to pick a main over the rest of the roster, I’d pick Solider. He’s a one-man army who can do everything - run, pack a punch, heal up - and while his kit is simple, he has a huge potential for mastery.

- PyroPanda
Its Zarya. She was helping me climbing out of Silver and Gold. She has 3 very good abilities in her kit that made it for me up to mid-highplatinum. Firstly: her bubbles save the !@# of blind Genjis Leroy Jenkins dashing into the enemies, saving supports (like now mercy who needs a shield for the next 2 seconds when she is rezzing somebody) even D.Va bombs wont harm anyone when timed right. Second: fully charged she deals ALOT of damage. Its super reliefing to see Genjis and D.Vas getting burned down while they have no change to defend ecept to try to escape. And thirdly the coolest ultimate in the game that even silver hanzo mains understand to use porperly in combination :)
Mercy is my most played.

I just enjoy the support role, and when I started I knew mercy had the highest healing output, so I went with her.

I also main Ana, D.va, and Orisa just because I enjoy the way they play.
One time in season 3 i got a 5 man headshot and after that every game i insta locked her and eventually got good

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